Office Visits (press HERE to make an appt online)

Regular office hours are 3pm to 7pm Monday and Wednesday, 2pm to 5pm on Friday.  Other times are available upon a phone call request.


  • History
  • Physical
  • EKG
  • Cholesterol Screening (if needed)

After all the information is gathered, recommendations will be made. A plan will be discussed.  This plan can be taken to your primary physician or further testing can be continued depending on your needs and desires.  The initial consultation will include follow up for the next 30 days.  If further need or desire exists, discussion will occur within that first 30 days for a reduced price monthly membership for a period of time to be determined by the patient and physician.

(If you have prior medical history and have prior reports, it is always recommended that you come to your appointment with this information. If not, we can request it for you, once a ‘release of information’ form is filled out and signed by you. We can provide this form.)

There may be times when a person requires more care than can be provided in an office setting. Should that need arise as a result of consultation and workup, we can discuss our findings with your primary care, or refer to the hospital system that best fits your needs.

If needed, our lower cost additional testing can be arranged, (not included in the price of consultation).

ADDITIONAL TESTING (press HERE to make an appt online)

It is always advisable to see a physician before and after obtaining testing to ensure you are obtaining a test which answers the concerns you may have.

EKG (Electrocardiogram)

A test where electrodes are placed on the body. The heart generates an electrical current that can be seen by the electrodes and transmitted to paper as lines. The doctor can interpret these lines to help determine any heart problems. This test is included in the first office visit but can be obtained separately.

Echocardiogram (sound wave test through the chest wall)

A technician places a probe on the chest which is connected to a machine that both generates painless sound waves and reads them as they return. These painless sound waves are translated by the machine and then interpreted by the physician. There are multiple reasons for obtaining an echocardiogram. Because of the immense amount of information that can be obtained, it is advisable to discuss all results with your primary physician or make an appointment to discuss results.

Exercise Stress Test (heart test while walking on a treadmill)

Electrodes are attached to your chest, similar to the EKG (above). A baseline EKG will be obtained along with other measures of your health (blood pressure, oxygen level). You will walk on a treadmill which is programmed to increase in its speed and grade (how steep the treadmill becomes) every few minutes. This will continue until you reach your maximal heart rate (different for different people) or until symptoms stop you from walking. EKG’s, blood pressure, heart rate response, oxygenation are all measured and discussed as the test is occurring and an overall report will be given once the test is completed.

Stress Echo (heart test while walking on a treadmill with a limited echocardiogram)

A stress echo is a combination of having an initial limited echocardiogram (see above) which looks at the walls of the heart and how the walls move. Initial pictures are taken then an exercise stress test occurs, followed immediately by more images to determine how the walls of the heart move with stress. This type of test can be used for other purposes as well (heart valve disease).

Monitor (requires returnable deposit)

A heart monitor is provided to be worn 24/7 for a period of time to be determined by your physician. Its purpose is to evaluate heart rhythm abnormalities, usually due to palpitations (feeling like your heart is skipping beats or beating too fast on occasion), feeling light headed or passing out.

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