About Dr. Yussman

Dr. Yussman grew up in Louisville, Ky. He received a BA at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. While performing medical research throughout his time there ,he decided to go to medical school at the University of Louisville completing his Internal Medicine and cardiology training at the University of Cincinnati. During the course of his training, he performed research in Innsbruck, Austria, falling in love with the mountains.
He moved to Denver, Colorado in 2004, joining a private practice cardiology group, which ended up combining with other groups and was eventually acquired by a larger medical system. While continuing to see patients, he left his permanent job and began further studies in the heart’s relationship with inflammation and autoimmunity (the body’s method to fight invaders wrongly fights the heart) specifically as it relates to diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, etc…
He found, that while excellent physicians abound within our community with equally excellent hospital systems, many people hesitate visiting a physician due to the soaring cost of medical care, insurance and deductibles. While practicing in prior groups, he realized that medical questions and issues were not being relayed to the doctors for fear of time and cost and were therefore left untreated. The concept of his practice is to continue to provide excellent care; helping to answer questions without the cost of additional staff and issues surrounding insurance and keeping prices as low as possible for those who find themselves in need.