Direct Cardiology Care

A consultative, non-insurance based, cardiology service, open 7a-7pm by appointment when you need, with same day availability during the week for anyone with heart and risk related concerns including those with:

-Current heart problems

-Concerns they may have a heart related issue

-Seeking knowledge to adjust habits for a better quality of life.

-Call 720 440 4652 for an appointment or simply press here to make your own appointment online! 

Costs are kept low and transparent.  By posting all costs for services before obtaining them and having those costs paid at the time of services provided, there is no billing, keeping overhead costs low to keep charges at a minimum.

For those who have chronic heart problems, needing many regular visits or attention through the year, a monthly plan can be established.  This new practice model allows patients to have a relationship which does not involve insurance companies. We are employed by you.

In this alternative model, if you choose more than a single consultation or testing,  patients pay a monthly membership fee and we provide the professional service. In this fashion, we can spend more time with each patient. This model has been called Direct Primary Care by those providing primary care services and called Direct Cardiology Care for our heart patients.  Press here for more about the Direct Care Model.